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Top 20 Reasons to Seek Professional Advice

Research has continually pointed to the measurable value that financial advisors provide their clients. For example, investors who work with financial advisors have on average 3.9 times more assets after 15 years than those who go it alone.

A financial advisor can help you:

  1. Put together a financial plan that outlines the necessary steps to ensure you have enough money for your individual goals.

  2. With saving strategies for large purchases such as a house, car, cottage, or wedding.

  3. Choose investments that align with your goals and risk tolerance.

  4. Stay on track with your plan.

  5. Invest your money in a tax-efficient way to help minimize taxes.

  6. Understand current market events and help you understand how they may impact your investments and your plan.

  7. Make sense of the thousands of financial products available.

  8. Revisit your investments if your goals, priorities and circumstances change.

  9. Develop a plan to reduce your debts and begin saving for the future.

  10. Prioritize multiple goals.

  11. Refer you to another expert, like a tax planner or an accountant.

  12. Manage risks and determine if your portfolio needs to be repositioned.

  13. Plan to prepare funds for emergency planning.

  14. Set up a savings program for your kids’ post-secondary education – and help you navigate the RESP rules and government grants.

  15. Plan for different types of withdrawals.

  16. Consolidate your investments with your spouse in an effective manner.

  17. Plan for future health-care needs for yourself and your family and your objectives.

  18. Learn about financial-planning concepts and answer your questions about any step of the process.

  19. Plan for retirement.

  20. With estate planning and administration after the passing of a loved one.

A financial advisor can help you define your goals and provide valuable advice through every stage and many events in your life.


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