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Fee-Based Financial Planning
Financial Planning in its Purest Form

Cash & Debt Management

Financial Planning is a multi-step process that encompasses many areas of your personal finances.


Cash & Debt Management is the cornerstone in creating your individual plan. As household debt in BC reaches close to 130% of the average household income, your ability to continue paying your bills is the first thing we will address. 


Depending on your situation, we may even look at each individual line item of your day-to-day spendings to see where all the money you bring home actually goes.


By reverse engineering your cash flow, we will be able to create a solid foundation upon which you can accumulate wealth. 

Retirement Planning

The problem that most Canadians face when they get close to retirement is the question of capital preservation, meaning:


"Will I have enough for retirement?"


Most Canadians are eligible for 2 or more Canadian Retirement Benefits, consisting of:


- Canada Pension Plan Benefits (CPP)

- Old Age Security Benefits (OAS)

- Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)


You may also be part of an Employer-Sponsored Pension Plan in the form of:


- Group Retirement Savings Plan

- Group Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

- Registered Pension Plan


Along side this, you may have some personal savings to top this up. 


We will tell you what income you could receive in retirement, along with how you will withdraw these sources of income to ensure it lasts for your lifetime. 

Investment Planning

Part of our continuing service to you is in the area of asset management - more commonly known as Investment Planning. 


Whether you manage your own investments, hold them with an investment advisor or strictly through your company pension plan, we will give you an independent review of these holdings as part of your financial plan. 


We will look at issues such as:


- What fees are you paying on these investments?

- Are you properly invested to maximize your risk adjusted returns?


- Should you buy that rental property?

- Are these investments held tax efficiently?


Of course, we offer in-house investment services as well, but we also understand that there is far more to financial planning than just picking the best stocks or mutual funds for the year.

Risk Management

No plan would be complete without looking at the risks that could impact your ability to achieve financial success.


Insurance is a cost effective solution in many cases in dealing with risks that could affect your life. That being said, there must always be a NEED for insurance before the policy is set-up. 


The amount of insurance that you need is specific to each individual scenario - if you have existing insurance plans, we will review this to ensure you have just the right amount. 


75% of Canadians purchase insurance from a provider and never hear from their agent again.


This means that your existing insurance policy is probably not updated to reflect your need for insurance based on your financial circumstances, today.


We would love to hear from you! Let us know what is not working with your existing financial advisor or if you just want to have a chat about your current financial circumstances. We're here for you.

If you have any immediate questions about my services, feel free to give me a call at 604-638-6825 or send me an email!

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