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From Hong Kong to Burnaby

I was born in Hong-Kong and immigrated to beautiful British Columbia at the early age of  5. Transferring schools became a norm for me throughout my childhood as my parents would often buy & sell their Vancouver home for incremental gains. Understandable, as an immigrant family running a small hair salon business, we did not have many options so they would do what they could to continue trading up their home. 


Eventually, we settled down here in Burnaby where I planted my roots. Once again, I was entering a new ecosystem surrounded by strangers whom I eventually grew to know and be acquainted with. ​Unknowingly, this was the community that would shape the rest of my life.

Growing Up

As the youngest in the family, I often felt like I needed to prove to everyone that I was worth their attention. It wasn't until after high school that my struggle to prove myself ended and I finally discovered my passion for personal finance while attending BCIT. I became fiercely competitive in achieving results in relevant areas like taxation, accounting, personal finance and investment analysis - through this and my passion for business, I graduated at the top of the financial management program and received the distinguished Wolverton Securities Award for Best Overall Performance. 

Fast Forward to 2012

I found my passion in setting up insurance plans for individuals and companies when I started learning about the practicality of insurance for individuals and businesses. My belief is that insurance is under-utilized by Canadians as a result of the perception around this matter - this is an old industry that needs to be modernized by a new generation of professionals. As an independent financial planner, I pride myself in always maintaining fiduciary duty to my clients.


When I'm not busy growing my business, you will find me spending time with my wife & kids, presenting at seminars, mentoring students, finding companies to invest in and figuring out how to swing a golf club properly. 


Now that you know all about me, I'd love for you to introduce yourself to me!

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