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Get $1,200 Towards Your Child's Education

The new British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant is a one-time provincial incentive of $1,200 available to children born on or after January 1, 2006.

It currently has a participation rate of only 32%. That means 68% – a whopping 225,569 kids – have not been signed up and are missing out on more than $270 million in free money for their post-secondary education.

The final deadline to sign up kids is the day before their ninth birthday. Or you can sign them up as early as their sixth birthday.

Talk to me about a 20% guaranteed return on your RESP - I'm not talking about just receiving the CESG grant! I'm saying that I can guarantee that you will not LOSE any money by the time your child uses that money for Post Secondary!

Note: a further extension was given to kids born in 2006 – their deadline to sign up is August 14, 2019. For kids born from 2007 to 2009, the deadline to apply has passed.

Parents or guardians can apply for the grant by filling out a straightforward application at most major banks and credit unions, including with me!

The maximum amount of BCTESG that may be paid to a beneficiary is $1,200 no matter how many RESPs are opened. However, there is no limit to the amount of BCTESG that can be used by anyone beneficiary if the Family RESP has received BCTESG for different beneficiaries.

And it’s not just parents who can open an RESP. Other family members or family friends can start an RESP if they have the necessary information to open the account that’s best for the child.

Lets Talk! And I can teach you how to get the government grants and make sure you don't lose it to the stock market fluctuations!

Discipline is what it takes to block out the noise, commitment is what it takes to walk the path to financial success and patience is what it takes to reach the goal.


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