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Clement is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), this is one of the key elements that distinguishes him from about 70% of other financial services providers. 

As a CFP, Clement is a specialist in the management of personal finances. He is experienced and skilled in providing financial planning advice that allow his clients achieve success in their investment portfolios, tax strategies and retirement plans. 

As an established Financial Planner, Clement welcomes all opportunities for him to utilize his skills and experience in helping you achieve your definition of financial success.

Real Advice

Real Solutions

When you hear the words  "Financial Plan", most of us relate this to individuals who have already built up substantial amounts of wealth in their bank accounts, portfolios, RRSPs, TFSA's, pensions, life insurance policies & businesses.


This should not be the case. 


Financial Planning applies to you regardless of where you are at in your life.  Clement's ability to analyze your financial circumstances allows him to create real solutions that will enhance your financial position and take you to the next level. 


Financial Planning is all-encompassing and should never be product-driven. Being solution-driven has always been the key to Clement's success with his clients.

Trust &


Most Canadians do not realize that they are paying their financial advisors some sort of commission or fee! Whether your advisor is with your local bank & credit union or an independent agent, you should clarify the fees they are receiving from your accounts and justify this with the service that you receive from them.


An integral part of a professional business relationship is trust. Transparency is key in building a trust worthy relationship - that is why Clement will disclose to you all forms of compensation that he will receive in working with you, in return for the ongoing advice, asset management and financial planning work that we will provide to you.


Compensation is negotiable and will always be structured in the best interest of the client.


Cash flow & Debt Planning

By reverse-engineering your spending habits, we can design a strategy to maximize your cashflow & grow your wealth

Investment Design & analysis

Investing is more than just mutual funds. Designing a Portfolio specific to you, will allow you to grow your assets faster than ever. This could even include Real Estate!

tax & estate planning

We will establish a year-to-year tax reduction strategy, to help you maximize your income & lower your tax bill for you and your beneficiaries.

risk management

Your ability to generate an income is your most valuable asset - that's why we want to create a strategy to ensure it is protected through the effective use of Life insurance, Critical Illness & Disability Insurance.



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