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How To Invest In Yourself

Connecting healthy lifestyle choices with insurance to achieve your goals. 

We’ve all heard about the importance of healthy living, but let’s face it – becoming a fitness buff or nutrition guru isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you don’t feel the need to change your habits. Perhaps you have a medical condition and aren’t sure how it fits with your healthy living goals. Or maybe you have a full schedule and can’t commit to a disruption to your routine.

Change can be a good thing

It’s been proven that our overall wellness is affected by the lifestyle choices we make – we also know habits can be hard to break. But what if there were a way to get rewarded for making better choices? Good news – there are life insurance solutions that do just that. By offering incentives for healthy behaviour, this new kind of insurance motivates people to achieve their goals, making it feel more engaging and fun. Need some inspiration? Read on to learn how others are making positive changes.[1]

Wellness, not weight

Joanna is a successful business owner and a busy mom of three young children. While she enjoys physical exercise, finding the time in her tight schedule is a challenge. A new life insurance program has given her the incentive she needs to stay active.

“This program gives you the coverage that you need, but also encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle and gives you lots of little perks for doing so.”

Now Joanna pays more attention to the choices she makes – eating well, getting enough sleep and incorporating physical activity – generally taking good care of herself so she can be around for her family. “If I had to describe myself before the program, I would say that I was more weight conscious. Now I think of myself more as wellness-minded.”

Energized and encouraged

Kevin was ready for something different.

“I felt it was important to get myself back into shape. I was feeling quite sluggish at work, sluggish at home. That's when I decided to make the change.”

Kevin’s advisor let him know about an insurance program that could help encourage him to make healthy choices. Kevin immediately saw the benefits of joining – along with insurance coverage, he got a fitness tracking device so he could see his progress. He was able to set goals and found that keeping up a healthy lifestyle was easy and even fun.

Since signing up for the program, Kevin is more active, feels energized and is inspired to keep on going.

Focus on motivation 

Leslie has always been the kind of person who challenges herself. But when a lump on her thyroid turned out to be cancer, she worried that her diagnosis would make it difficult for her to get insurance coverage.

After speaking to her advisor, Leslie found that despite her medical history, she was a good fit for an insurance program that offered protection and rewards. It not only helped Leslie make better choices for herself, but her family has adopted healthier habits too.

“It has certainly positively impacted my family because they’re seeing their mother make these changes and so we are making better choices all around.” Leslie is thrilled that her daughters go on walks with her now and are becoming more active themselves. “I actually got them some activity trackers so they can join me in achieving 10,000 steps.”

Leslie earns rewards for making healthy decisions and because of that she is always being encouraged to take the next step. Thanks to the program, Leslie says she is focused on living a long, healthy life.

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