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Cash & Debt Management

By reverse-engineering your spending habits, we can design a strategy to maximize your cashflow & grow your wealth

tax Planning

We will establish a year-to-year tax reduction strategy, to help you maximize your income & lower your tax bill

portfolio analysis & design

Investing is more than just mutual funds. Designing a Portfolio specific to you, will allow you to grow your assets faster than ever. This could even include Real Estate!

risk management

Your ability to generate an income is your most valuable asset - that's why we want to create a strategy to ensure it is protected.

Plans & Pricing

The Professional

$75 per month

You are a working professional who is looking for a financial planner who will walk you through the world of personal finance, to keep you on track without having to worry about how much money you need to invest in order to become a client.

The Intellectual

$100 per month

You consider yourself financially saavy, with a comfortable level of income. You want to know how you can bring your current financial plan to the next level to ensure that you achieve your dream of financial success.

The Executive

$125 per month

You're successful in your career and have reached a level of financial security that most could not. However, what you lack is time. You need someone to make sure your money is still there, when you decide to slow down and do something else in life.

Limited Spots Available

Financial Planning is a very personalized service.

I want to make sure that I've got time to provide you with the level of service you deserve.

That's why I've limited the number of clients that I will be taking on at this time.

If there are no more spots left upon receiving your email, I will reach out and let you know that you've been added to our waitlist as we continue to grow. 

Clement Chung

Certified Financial Planner


Josephine Sheer, ED

Clement does amazing work in the financial planning field - he's helped me earn over 12% every year on my investments with his portfolio designs.

Archie Vinous, CEO

I was so undereducated in taxes before working with Clement. He helped me save over 35% in taxes and I'm using this as a launchpad to achieve financial freedom.

Jason Nedipoh, Consultant

He does amazing work with his number crunching skills. Clement has laid out a  clear roadmap for my finances.

Highly recommended.

Fiduciary Duty

I am often asked about Fiduciary Duty: The requirement that an advisor must always work in their client's best interest. However, I've come to realize that it is impossible to act as a Fiduciary so long as there is a shelf of products involved in an advisors' compensation structure.


Most advisors (independent or at the bank) are paid through the sale of an investment, insurance, or banking product. This compensation structure will immediately create a conflict of interest as these same advisors cannot afford to spend any time with you unless they are compensated for that time. 

For example - if the best investment option for you is real estate, but the advisor does not sell homes, then he will likely invest you into a real estate related mutual fund. The problem here is that the recommendation is made because the advisor gets compensated for the sale of the mutual fund, as opposed to telling you to speak with a realtor who can assist you with this transaction.

This is why the Fee-For-Service model makes sense.


My passion is in educating my clients on personal finance and I'd like to build my practice without having to sell products.


We would love to hear from you! This is a unique program that I am starting with almost no precedent in Canada. I'm excited to leverage my expertise as an experienced Certified Financial Planner, to help Canadians take control of their finances without any sales targets! 

If you have any immediate questions about my services, feel free to give me a call at 604-638-6825 or send me an email!

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